Kerala Houseboats

Spending at least sometime in houseboats in the Kerala backwaters is a must-have-ingredient to fill your backpack of memorable experiences as a tourist in the God’s own country. Equipped with all modern amenities, state of the art infrastructure and safety measures, the Kerala houseboats of water sprite tours are ready-go mini-cruise which will take you away from the nauseating haste and sickening speed of the modern world to the serenity, seclusion and the relieving pat that the backwaters of the small Southern state of India continues to offer to its visiting guests.

In addition to being an artistic wonder, these Kerala houseboats serve as a means of terrific comfort, cozy privacy and harmless fun to people across age, aspirations and culture as a right and reasonable choice for holidaying in all sense of the world. Almost all of our houseboats consist of an open lounge, one or two bath attached bedrooms and a kitchenette which are designed to ensure all the feel and fun tourists crave to have. Every houseboat is staffed by a crew of 3 men, usually a cook, a guide and an oarsman. Our houseboat services are packaged in such a manner that the requirements of single families, couple families, extended families, co-workers and unrelated families will positively be accommodated to ensure maximum level of customer satisfaction and optimum utility.

We take special care and pay specific attention to see to the fact that each of our hosts gets unique chances to explore the full beauty of the backwaters and the relishing greenery around with an unmatched hospitality and a lasting boating experience. We offer seasonal and promotional offers/deals and you can make advance booking online. To extend additional support to customers, our representatives are available to answer your queries during the office hours. Feel free to drop a line at or give a ring to +91 98958 81115

Alleppey Houseboats

The coastal regions of Kerala are famous for many labyrinthine waterways and inlets and these interlinked water bodies form what is called backwaters. The Kerala backwaters is the rather unappealing name given to the peaceful and picturesque palm-lined network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals that run inland from the coast of Kerala. Alleppey is famous for its breathtaking, picturesque and charming backwaters. Houseboats are one of the main attractions of backwater tourism. The Alleppey Houseboats are provided with all modern amenities, open sit out, sunbath deck, spacious living area, kitchen and bath attached bedrooms. Your cruise on board Alleppey Houseboats will lead you through a torrent of exiting moments allowing you to enjoy the lush landscape on either sides and richly enhancing your touring experience in Kerala backwaters.

Our package is customized and well-tailored to satisfy your specific needs and it encompasses a wide range of choices at a reasonable price. Alleppey Houseboats are custom-made to guarantee safe and convenient touring experience for all types of visitors including couples, singles, the old and the young in the same degree. All our packages include delicious dishes served according to your choices and in a traditional and typical Kerala fashion.