Homestay in Alleppey

Alleppey is one of the main attractions for backwater cruises in Kerala, with most houseboats departing from there. If you're planning on going on a cruise, it’s advisable to stay closer near to a jetty where you would like to start your trip, so that you can go early in the morning to inspect the boats and choose a decent one. Water sprite Tours provides you a large array of Homestay in Alleppey. There are a number of inexpensive homestay in Alleppey according to your preferences and convenience. Alternatively, there are some peaceful homestays out of town along the backwaters. Most of our homestays will have spacious guest rooms (with/without air-conditioning). Even if you prefer to stay in town our houses will have landscaped garden and leafy surroundings to give a very tranquil feel. Guests can socialize on the balcony and common area on the upper floor. Hence we are providing amazing kerala tour packages for all season.

If you're into natural health and wellness, our soulful homestay will definitely appeal to you. The hosts are mostly multi-lingual who can communicate with you in a language of your heart. You can even choose a homestay of rooftop dance studio where yoga, meditation, and holistic dance classes are held every week. Our homestays are of the best kinds available in Alleppey and are remarkable for rigorous and regular check for matchless cleanliness, advanced hygiene standards and premium safety measures.

Our Unique Features

A large selection of homestays with rooms on the top or ground floor according to your preferences with direct access to communal rooftop terrace which is ideal for socializing and watching wildlife.

Homestays of bungalow models with traditional and purpose-built and comfortable rooms and guest rooms.

Fragrant and delicious South Indian foods prepared in lively and with a flavor which pleases you.

Guided village walks and sunset canoe boat rides are all part of the experience.

Boutique homestays with guest rooms in beautifully restored ancestral farmhouses which are suitable for families or group of friends wishing to have a private space of their own.