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Popularly acclaimed as God’s own Country and affirmatively confirmed by each and every visitor who felt the warmth of her cozy lap at least for a couple of hours, Kerala, the small southern state of India,is a tourist hotspot for its bewitching natural greenery, mesmerizing backwaters, pristine beaches, meandering rivers, mouth-watering cuisines and soothing hospitality. Therefore, if you quench much of your so-far-unfulfilled thirst of touring explorations and distinct travelling experience in a short/long stay here, there is nothing bewildering about it.

Water sprite tours, though of a recent start, has a track record of excellent service, a wide range of choices, rates and customizable facilities to excel in competition with any counterparts in the field, an amazing customer rating and client satisfaction level. With a rich diversity of services and sophisticated facilities and features, we are all set to take you to fun and joy that you have been craving for amid your aching professional hurry and never-ending social obligations.

Our team, with lots of customized packages, Alleppey houseboats, homely homestays, paddy field hiking, ayurvedic spa, backwater fishing, all Kerala touring trips and numerous samples of realistic Kerala experiences, will uplift you from the boredom of ordinary terrain of activities to the unknown treasure of feelings, mental states and moods that have been Greek to you so far as a tourist. In no time, let’s tie a knot for loads of unmatched joys, unheard pleasures and unfelt feelings for days of your choice /preferences because water sprite tours can definitely can take you to every nook and cranny of the God’s own Country’s wildest repertoire of touring feeling , fun and a lot indefinable……..

kerala houseboats

Our one night Houseboat package is 24 hours of enthralling cruising with traditional lip-smacking Kerala foods served in a way which pleases all tastes and flavors. Likewise it includes wonderful...

homestay alleppey

Allepppey is one of the main attractions for backwater cruises in Kerala, with most houseboats departing from there. If you're planning on going on a cruise, it’s advisable to stay closer near to a jetty where...

kerala tour packages

Water sprite tours have packages to meet many different choices and preferences of visitors coming from across the globe and the packages are well- optimised to give our valued customers the real feel...